Allergy Baking Tips

Tip #1

When our recipes refer to brown rice flour, it is very important to use a finely ground flour to avoid a gritty texture.  We use a flour from Country Life that is available on line.
You can find it at:

Item # 090508

Tip #2

Gluten free recipes are way too crumbly without using one of the "gums".
If you are like me and are sensitive to corn, stay away from Xanthan gum.
Guar gum can be used instead.  Use 1/2 teaspoon per 1 cup of flour in your recipe.
No more crumbly mess :}

Tip #3

It's amazing how many ingredients contain corn.  If you're
sensitive to corn, it can be very frustrating.  Did you know that
even regular powdered sugar contains corn?  Corn starch is added
to prevent clumping.  No big deal for most people, but if you
need to avoid it, you can use Wholesome® Sweeteners
Organic Powdered Sugar.  This company uses tapioca starch
to prevent clumping and it tastes just as good as the "regular".

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