About Our Family

Bob & Lisa, blessed to be married for 28 years, parents of nine, and enjoying serving Christ, our family, and others with the ministry of music and whatever opportunities we are given.   

Emily, 25, is our oldest daughter.  As a Suzuki piano and flute teacher, she enjoys her young students and fills her summers with teacher training institutes around the country.

 She also enjoys freelancing as a pianist/flutist on Mackinac Island and various other venues around Northern Michigan.

 In her free time, Emily enjoys the outdoors, horseback riding, and reading.

Kristin, 24,  is our second oldest daughter.  She enjoys music, especially collaborative; reading; horseback riding; biking; swimming; organizing just about anything; and Ford pick-up trucks.

She plays cello or piano in our family orchestra and even adds alto vocals when needed on the side.

She is working as a church organist, working many hours at a local retailer as a customer service manager,  and freelancing with her sister at various venues in Northern Michigan.  A further promotion into upper level management may be in her future.

When possible she greatly enjoys accompanying other musicians for ensembles, performances, and competitions.

Jonathan, 22, is our oldest son.  He enjoys music, especially percussion in the Straits Area Concert Band.  
  He is currently employed full-time at a large retail store and is hoping for a promotion to management soon.

Free time finds Jonathan reading, listening to music, practicing his drums,
 or playing with his siblings.

Matthew, 21,  is our second oldest son.  

Musical pursuits find him playing first trumpet in the Straits Area Concert Band, and the nearby community  band.  He also enjoys singing either as a soloist cantoring at church or in the nearby community choir.

Currently he has enlisted in the U.S. Navy and will be leaving for boot camp soon. 

Andrew, 18,  is our third son.  
Andrew has a great love for the outdoors,  hunting, and amateur radio. 
 He also enjoys reading a great deal. 

He is thankful for having graduated from high school this year and is 
seeking employment.

Christopher, 17, is our fourth son.  He plays trumpet in the Straits Area Concert Band, and nearby community band.

Christopher is a baseball and karate buff and is enjoying helping one of his sisters with her interest in karate as well.  

He is a high school senior and shares yard work and snow removal responsibilities with 
 Benjamin.  His favorite hobbies are reading, chess, and baseball.

Benjamin, 16, is our fifth son.  He takes piano lessons from Emily and plays trombone in the Straits Area Concert Band and nearby community band.
Benjamin is definitely the artistic one of the bunch. He decorates everything he can, 
(mostly paper but not all), with drawings of people, animals, battles, dinosaurs, and
 whatever else he can think up.  His school papers are frequently
 a combination of the subject at hand and his artistic endeavors.  He also enjoys pick-up games of baseball with his brothers.

Benjamin is a high school junior and provides lawn maintenance and snow removal for the family.

Helena, 13, is our youngest daughter.  She plays plays piano and flute, and recently got the opportunity to provide "little girl" vocals for one of her sisters' concerts.  

She aspires to eventually play the bassoon which she has been yearning to play since she was two.  (She's almost big enough to do it!) 

 In the meantime, Emily is teaching her the flute to build up her stamina for playing a wind instrument.  

 She is usually found playing with her brothers, but also enjoys doing crafts of all kinds.

James, 10, is our youngest son.  He is learning piano and cello. 
He is Kristin's Suzuki cello "guinea pig", has completed his Book 1 Suzuki recital, finished Book 2, and is working on Book 3!

 James is the typical youngest in the family, and frequently gives us comic relief.  
He is a sixth grader and enjoys his live online courses. 

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