Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Winter Recital

The ladies held their winter studio recital at a local senior
center which allowed their students to invite many more guests.

The flute trio was very enjoyable.
No one had trouble hearing when there were three flutes 
each with a big tone playing :)

James played a piano solo and a cello duet with Kristin.  He did a wonderful job, but he always looks soooo serious.

Benjamin played a very nice piano solo.

Helena played a piano solo and a flute solo accompanied by Emily.  The residents seemed to really enjoy the program--especially their exceptionally small students.  They are really cute!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Happy Birthday Emily!

It doesn't seem possible, but today is Emily's
25th birthday!!

She chose a cheesecake for her birthday treat so 
Kristin and I made that for her yesterday...

…and she got additional treats in her sibling basket :)

Then she got her traditional birthday call from the Texas
grandparents.  This is always a humorous event.

The best picture of all is of Emily and James…
James announced yesterday that his intention was 
to take Emily out for a birthday smoothie.
I'm told he did all the ordering and paying and was
a perfect gentleman. (maybe something is sinking in)

Hope you had a very happy birthday, Emily!
We love you!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Winter Fun

This winter has brought plenty of snow to our portion
of the U.P. and with it the chance to test out Matthew's
snowmobile :)

James was glad to get a ride with Christopher...

...and for Matthew's help learning how to skate.
This part proved to be a little more difficult than he
thought it would be, but he's getting the hang of it now.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Beautiful Winter Destination

I've always wanted to visit Iroquois Point in the winter
and that is where we went on my birthday this year.

It was a stormy day and we were able to get some
pictures between snow squalls.

If it looks like it was cold, that's because it was! :)


    We had to wait in the car for the snow to clear before running for the beach to get a couple quick pictures.  We managed to get back to the car just before the snow started again.  We're talking white-out can't see the water anymore snow.  It was pretty impressive.  Fun birthday trip!