Saturday, October 1, 2016

Christopher's Completed Projects

Christopher got his summer projects completed just before
school began this fall.  He isn't exactly fond of woodworking, 
but those were his projects this year.

This one pretty much sums up how he feels about
this particular project :)

First he worked on some wood trim pieces to cover up the heatilator on our basement fireplace which isn't usable.

His other project was a small, wall bookshelf to hold
woodworking magazines.

Assembly is almost complete.

Now begins the fun part…staining and finishing.

Using water-based products can be really tricky.  They like to leave bubbles if you don't know what you're doing.  It's great to have a dad around who can show you some tricks so as to ensure a good finished product.

…ever the enthusiastic student :)

Close to being done!

Feeling good!  It's time to hang it on the wall!

Can you believe it?  Dad wants it to be level too!  :)

Now the fun part of hanging the little wood panels.
This is where the saying "You can never have too many clamps"
really plays out.

The finished product!  
All the pieces have been stained to match the oak mantel.
No, Christopher had nothing to do with the other large pieces--
that would be my own master woodworker.  
I'm keeping him!

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