Sunday, September 4, 2016

Tigers Game

Sometimes the guys do get to just have fun like when
a very generous couple at our church took Andrew and Christopher to see a Tigers game.

They had a really fun time and even got to see a family friend at the game :)   

Thursday, September 1, 2016

…And More Repairs

So let's just say that Christopher's favorite name is not John…
...Deere that is :)

His announcement that the tractor won't start is now followed by
"well then you figure out why and fix it".  
He doesn't like that response--but he's learning to do it.
This time it was a corroded battery terminal--again.


In our house the rule is "you break it you fix it".
This has given our guys ample opportunities to learn
how to repair many things.  Ahem...

This time it was the passenger side mirror for our big van.
It turns out that it's not such a simple task.  You pretty much
have to take the upper half of the door panel apart.  Ugh!

Then there's the whole wiring issue you have to thread
back through the little holes….

…and then you finally get to put all those door panel pieces back together.
We're so glad to have the mirror back in one piece again.