Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Institute Wasn't All Practice and Flute

Before we all split off in Ohio, we had some time
to do some hiking.  Bob and I like to savor the scenery
and enjoy the walk.

The others have differing opinions of how it  should be done:)

The three musketeers think it should not be done,
but we drag them along anyway.

Helena and James think it should be done at a dead
run and we made them slow down long enough for a picture :)

During a break at the institute I took Helena to Sycamore Shoals
for a hike and to see the fort and museum they have.

There was a really pretty hiking trail along the river.

We had a really fun time together, but both of us were wearing the wrong shoes and ended up with very sore feet.  We won't make that mistake again!

Then we visited the fort before heading back to the institute.

Break times were fun to spend outside!
After the first day, we started exploring the university campus
as well.

This interesting structure was made by a local artist
out of saplings and so far has lasted three years.
It was a fairly large house complete with windows and doors.
This was a fun place to visit.

Helena's favorite break-time fun was found climbing in these
bushes which had been planted to provide a nice shady place
to relax and in her case…to climb!

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