Thursday, August 18, 2016

Project ...Window

So I know I mentioned our window problem,
but they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

What you see is the extent to which it would open so…..

Benjamin and James got to help with the demo

Bob and Benjamin built a little room around the opening
to keep the creepy crawlies (and larger things) out.

Out with the old...

Tear out is always the fun part
James particularly enjoyed the ladder part :)

Flashing and weather-proof membrane are apparently important, 
but now comes the fun part...

…moving this enormously heavy window without damaging the nailing flange
from the garage to the back of the house.  Not a fun job when there really isn't
a good place to hold it.

Great! They made it to the back of the house.  Now how to get it up in the
opening without injury...

…You build yourself one of these fine looking platforms
sturdy enough to hold about a thousand pounds :)

I'm actually kind of glad I wasn't home to witness this,
but they got it up there without major injury...

…and then into the opening.

You can always count on Christopher for a little or a lot of drama.  Thankfully his fainting spell didn't last long :)

And there it is all in place.  The final step was caulking the exterior and disassembling the lovely platform.

We are so glad that part is done and that we can now actually open the windows!  The final part is the interior trim.  The goal for completion on that is Labor Day so we still have a some time :)

(We did take off the stickers eventually)

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