Monday, August 15, 2016

East Tennessee Suzuki Flute Institute

While the others went home, Emily, Helena, and I headed off
for a flute institute in Tennessee.  This was my first chance
to be a Suzuki mom so I was pretty excited :)

The first night at the institute, the teacher trainers and students all
got together for a play-in.  It was really fun to see and listen!

The next morning we headed off for her tone and technique class
at 8:00.  Thank goodness Helena doesn't have trouble
getting up in the morning!  Her instructor found some fun games to keep them moving.

There was plenty of time spent practicing, of course :) We made regular use of the available practice rooms.  I don't think our hotel neighbors would have appreciated flute as much as we do :)

Helena also got to play in a flute choir with the "big" girls.
They were so kind to the two younger girls in the group!

Then there was the repertoire class
with Mr. Takahashi, the founder of
Suzuki Flute.  It was a wonderful 
experience to be able to study with him!


Wednesday was t-shirt day!  
It was the perfect time for a group picture.
Both Helena and Emily are in there somewhere:)

Then it was rehearsal time for the final concert!

Helena got to play in the honors recital and she
was so excited about it!

Helena learned a lot during her master classes.
She really enjoyed her teacher!

The final concert was just beautiful!
The teachers played alone first and then the entire group played.
What a beautiful sound!

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