Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Benjamin and the Tractor

This is a sight I'm going to have to get used to...

Benjamin driving the tractor :)

Then he has to put it away in the garage without hitting the big van...

…and park it so that both vehicles will fit.

He's doing a good job.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Why Are These Guys Smiling?

Mom, we caught a chipmunk!

This is what I hear yelled in the back door.
Sure enough….

…here it is.
Don't feel too sorry for the little thing, though.
It, and its little friends, are ruining our patio with their
burrowing, digging up and eating our bulbs, and destroying
our front porch.

The least it could do is to put up with a couple of our guys for 
a few minutes.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

More Repairs

Jonathan's front breaks were "in the red" so it was
time to replace them before there was a problem.

Those new rotors are always so shiny.

Time lapse is great.  Wouldn't it be nice if it could
get done that fast in real time :)

Ah, a thing of beauty.  Now just one thing left...

…the test drive.

Wonderful stopping power and the satisfaction of a job well done!
(saving about $100 doesn't hurt either)

Nonnie and Papa Visit

Two days after string camp, Nonnie and Papa
arrived from Texas!

We had a great time with them while they were here and
even got to have a little belated birthday celebration for Papa.

Emily made another of her delicious cakes!

Then everyone got to enjoy Helena's Suzuki Flute Book 2
graduation recital.

She played through the whole book with no break.
That's a lot of music!

There had to be a ladies' tea fit in the schedule.
It was difficult, but we did manage it :)

The yummy treats!

The lovely ladies :)

Finally, Matthew got to take Papa flying!

Gotta love Matthew's shirt!

It was a fun visit :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

String Camp

This year we were able to do string camp down state.
This is a picture of all the campers staying at our friends,
the M's, house :)

This, of course, didn't include the adults.

A low string sectional for the Beta group meant the cellos plus Christopher.  A little boring for him since he was the only one, but it was easy to pick him out of the group!
The final concert for the Alpha group
Tuning was interesting when you have that many little
string players.

Then they had to sit and wait their turn...

James was sort of paying attention…………….Rebekah was the concert mistress

The finale for Alpha
They did a really good job!

Now it was Beta's turn:

              Andrew at the final concert………………………………………and Benjamin

………and the lone bass, Christopher

Helena with her stand partner, Julia…………...


The final group at the final concert.
This was a combined group with Beta, Gamma, and Delta.
It  was so beautiful!  Great job everyone!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Project ...Window

So I know I mentioned our window problem,
but they say a picture is worth a thousand words...

What you see is the extent to which it would open so…..

Benjamin and James got to help with the demo

Bob and Benjamin built a little room around the opening
to keep the creepy crawlies (and larger things) out.

Out with the old...

Tear out is always the fun part
James particularly enjoyed the ladder part :)

Flashing and weather-proof membrane are apparently important, 
but now comes the fun part...

…moving this enormously heavy window without damaging the nailing flange
from the garage to the back of the house.  Not a fun job when there really isn't
a good place to hold it.

Great! They made it to the back of the house.  Now how to get it up in the
opening without injury...

…You build yourself one of these fine looking platforms
sturdy enough to hold about a thousand pounds :)

I'm actually kind of glad I wasn't home to witness this,
but they got it up there without major injury...

…and then into the opening.

You can always count on Christopher for a little or a lot of drama.  Thankfully his fainting spell didn't last long :)

And there it is all in place.  The final step was caulking the exterior and disassembling the lovely platform.

We are so glad that part is done and that we can now actually open the windows!  The final part is the interior trim.  The goal for completion on that is Labor Day so we still have a some time :)

(We did take off the stickers eventually)

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Traveling Sights

Sometimes you see the funniest things while traveling...

…who knew these needed to be wound up to go…:)

And, for me, some scary sights are inevitable when traveling.

You can ask any of our children and they will be able
to tell you that I do not like tunnels.

I do like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though.
What a relief!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Institute Wasn't All Practice and Flute

Before we all split off in Ohio, we had some time
to do some hiking.  Bob and I like to savor the scenery
and enjoy the walk.

The others have differing opinions of how it  should be done:)

The three musketeers think it should not be done,
but we drag them along anyway.

Helena and James think it should be done at a dead
run and we made them slow down long enough for a picture :)

During a break at the institute I took Helena to Sycamore Shoals
for a hike and to see the fort and museum they have.

There was a really pretty hiking trail along the river.

We had a really fun time together, but both of us were wearing the wrong shoes and ended up with very sore feet.  We won't make that mistake again!

Then we visited the fort before heading back to the institute.

Break times were fun to spend outside!
After the first day, we started exploring the university campus
as well.

This interesting structure was made by a local artist
out of saplings and so far has lasted three years.
It was a fairly large house complete with windows and doors.
This was a fun place to visit.

Helena's favorite break-time fun was found climbing in these
bushes which had been planted to provide a nice shady place
to relax and in her case…to climb!