Sunday, July 24, 2016

James's Real Birthday

Since we were traveling on James's actual birthday,
we had already celebrated at home before we left but
we wanted to make sure we did something special.

James got to attend his first live baseball game.

It was a collegiate summer league team and it was
really fun to watch.  The home team even won!

I guess we pretty much wore Helena and James out with the long day,
but I think it was a memorable 9th birthday for him :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family Travels

July has been a month of many travels.
We started out with a trip to Ohio for a piano
performance with the ladies.  Everyone got to
go on this trip but Jonathan and Matthew.

It's always exciting to get to perform on matched
pianos that are dovetailed as they should be for a duo :)

They began with a suite for piano four hands
assisted by their trusty page turner, Christopher.
You'll notice he is concentrating just as hard as
they are.  Page turning is never an easy job!

The ladies are very relaxed after the first piece--
Christopher is thinking about what's coming next.

Next up was a two piano piece which required both
Christopher and Benjamin for page turning.

It was a great performance!  Christopher and Benjamin
were very relieved that it was over :)

The epic page turners….
Yes, Benjamin is now taller than Christopher :)(

The ladies were awarded a master class with
the international piano duo Anderson and Roe...

…and with the duo themselves!

One of the best parts of the duo festival was that their
coach of many years came to hear them perform.

She has been such a source of encouragement through
the years and the ladies are very thankful for her!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

First Straits Band Concert of the Season

This was a night of many firsts:

Helena played her first concert with the band.  
She is officially their youngest member ever in 34 years :)...

Kristin joined the percussion section on the cymbals :)...

…and Emily was the band announcer for the first time :)

There were also several things that were the same:

Jonathan and Andrew were hanging out in the back as usual.  Test your eyes to see if you can pick out both of them.

Finally, Benjamin enjoyed hanging out with the trombone section.
He is definitely the youngest member of the section, but not the shortest.

It was a great concert!  The weather was beautiful, the band played well,  and
for the first time the fireworks began as planned when Stars and Stripes ended.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A Beautiful Night

Some evenings are just breathtaking here in the U.P.
If we're doing something in the house and someone
notices the sunset is exceptional, there will be a call to
"look out the window!"

Just before the sun sinks

and the light begins to fade

there is one last burst of color

and a gasp of beauty.

Bob and I like to sit on the patio and watch when we can.
As long as we don't have too many insects for company that is :)