Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, James!

The request:
A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and 
coconut and chocolate chips on top
Oh, and some guys dueling

Emily made the cake and Kristin took care of the "guys"

This was the finished product

He got a cute snowgie made by Helena...

some Legos, and a cool pair of shades.

Gotta have a crazy pic with the professional photo bomber himself :)

We also celebrated Father's Day at the same time.
Why?  Because that was when we could all be there :)

The funniest gift of all was probably this jacket.
Ironically, it was almost 90 so I don't think he'll need it too soon,
but this is the U.P. so you never know :)

Hope you both had a great day!  
We love you!!

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