Monday, June 20, 2016

Dryer Repair…Again

I have to admit our dryer gets used much more than
your average family, but once again it's repair time.

Bob always calls for a volunteer to help when it's time
and you'll notice that it is frequently James who comes
running.  After all, this is a chance to use his tools!

This time they had to replace the part that keeps the dryer
from overheating.  (Apparently this is important)

James enjoys all parts of the repair process…

…but it's always better when you get to use a tool :)
This was the first time he had gotten to use his needle 
nose pliers.

Putting on the new part required yet another tool :)

It's always close quarters putting parts back in so
little hands come in very handy.

Front panel replaced and I was back in business.
I was one appreciative mama.   Five days toting laundry
back and forth to and from the laundromat was enough for me
thank you very much!

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