Monday, June 27, 2016

Andrew's Shop Project

Andrew's shop project for the year was the 
front brakes for our mini van.  This was his
first experience doing auto repair and he did 
quite well.

Removing some lug nuts

Jacking up the other side

Trying to take out the cotter pin

Taking off the old brake pad

Lubricating something :)
(I'm so knowledgeable about this sort of thing)

Getting it all put back together

Putting the tires back on and rotating while he was at it

All done but the last hub cap.
Thanks, Andrew, for a job well done!
He did a great job and learned a new skill too :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Birthday, James!

The request:
A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and 
coconut and chocolate chips on top
Oh, and some guys dueling

Emily made the cake and Kristin took care of the "guys"

This was the finished product

He got a cute snowgie made by Helena...

some Legos, and a cool pair of shades.

Gotta have a crazy pic with the professional photo bomber himself :)

We also celebrated Father's Day at the same time.
Why?  Because that was when we could all be there :)

The funniest gift of all was probably this jacket.
Ironically, it was almost 90 so I don't think he'll need it too soon,
but this is the U.P. so you never know :)

Hope you both had a great day!  
We love you!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Garden 2016

Once again Bob spearheaded the initiative to get the
garden planted this year.  He even managed to get
most of the children involved.

James wanted to plant pumpkins

Matthew chose corn

James got to put the markers in.
He was delighted to do it since there was a hammer involved :)

Helena chose peas

Benjamin chose carrots

I was absolutely thrilled to see that after three years, our
apple tree finally bloomed again and looks like it might
actually give us some apples!

Time to water….
James was all over that…
Anything having to do with water and the hose :)

Finally, a little fun

Matthew challenged Benjamin to a friendly tether ball match.
Who do you think won?

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Haircut

Helena's goal had been to grow her hair out long enough to sit on before it was cut.  Well, she pretty much made it, and it was definitely time for a cut.  Her ends were in desperate need of a trim so…...

…out came Mom's scissors.

As you can see I cut off quite a bit while
still leaving her plenty of length.  She was happy with
the result and is now better able to do her own hair :)

Post haircut pic
Plenty of length, but not enough to sit on :)

Monday, June 20, 2016

Dryer Repair…Again

I have to admit our dryer gets used much more than
your average family, but once again it's repair time.

Bob always calls for a volunteer to help when it's time
and you'll notice that it is frequently James who comes
running.  After all, this is a chance to use his tools!

This time they had to replace the part that keeps the dryer
from overheating.  (Apparently this is important)

James enjoys all parts of the repair process…

…but it's always better when you get to use a tool :)
This was the first time he had gotten to use his needle 
nose pliers.

Putting on the new part required yet another tool :)

It's always close quarters putting parts back in so
little hands come in very handy.

Front panel replaced and I was back in business.
I was one appreciative mama.   Five days toting laundry
back and forth to and from the laundromat was enough for me
thank you very much!

Friday, June 10, 2016

Fun Sister Evening

The ladies are having a fun night tonight.
They sent me this picture straight from orchestra hall.

They are looking forward to a great concert and
the chance to see Emily's flute teacher perform live :)

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Concert Pics

So I'll be the first to admit that I am quite behind
in posting--especially since I'm just now getting to
the girls' May concert a few weeks ago :)

The evening's two main page turners...

…Helena and Benjamin.  They did a good job :)

Things can get a little goofy pre-concert…

…and during tuning.

The selections for the evening included piano four hands,
two piano, cello solo, flute solo, and one vocal piece.
It was a beautiful night for the concert and turned out
to be one of the warmest days yet this year :)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Best Buddies

Helena and James have been playmates since James
was old enough to actually play, but they are quite the pair now.

If one is going to do a solo activity, we frequently 
hear from the other…."but what will I do while you're gone?"

They especially enjoy the outdoors together….

…and really appreciate our backyard screen tent to stay away
from the bees :)