Monday, May 2, 2016

Signs of Spring!

Now, I really like spring anywhere, but it seems
just a little more special in the U.P.   When you
make it to April and the bulbs start emerging and
then even blooming, it's just such a relief!

Helena and James were even able to break out the 
kite and enjoy flying it on a cloudy afternoon.You'll
notice the absence of snow!!!     


These brave little crocuses were so pretty
 by our front door!

James was able to help clean up in the garage.  There is always
so much sand and salt that accumulates throughout the winter and
a spring day is the perfect time to get it all swept up :)

Christopher got the ultimate fun task:}
He got to remove the snow thrower attachment from the tractor
and get it all ready for next winter.  Then it was
time to learn how to put on the mower deck and get
all the fittings greased.

First, Dad showed him how to do one;
then Christopher got to do the rest.
What fun!
(and what a mess I might add)
Just a tip:  Put cardboard under equipment before using the grease gun:)

Mission accomplished and we're all ready to mow.

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