Thursday, May 19, 2016

First Long Solo Cross-Country

Matthew had his first long cross-country flight this week.  His first stop was at the Marquette airport where he had to do a few take-offs and landings.  On arrival, he was in a landing pattern with the army helicopter you see at the right.  The helicopter got to land first :)  (His plane is the little one to the right of the fuel truck.)   He also got to wait for the army guys to leave.  Apparently Army trumps Piper :)

Bye bye Army and on to Escanaba :)

It was a beautiful day to fly! 
 After his stop in Escanaba, it was
time to head home.  

It was a beautiful landing and a great relief to the mom :)

I'll call your attention to the fact that we now have
real leaves on the trees!!!

This is still such a fun sight to see...

…he parked the plane for fueling, hopped out and….

…registered his flight.  
He is now at the half-way point in his training.
Exciting times ;)


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