Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Birthday x 2

For the first time we had to have a combined birthday
celebration--we just couldn't get "the bigs' " schedules to
coordinate any other way.

Kristin chose a delicious apple pie for her
birthday treat.  Happy 22 Kristin!

Kristin also got to help decorate Helena's cake….

…along with Emily.

They made her a barn cake to celebrate her birthday.
Happy 11 Helena!

Our two birthday gals:

Kristin enjoyed sharing her birthday with Christopher.  The sentiment of the moment was just too much for Matthew :)                                                    

Helena enjoyed sharing her birthday with Jonathan.
She has realized that big brothers are great fun for climbing
on, rides, playing games, etc.  I always wanted one of
these as a little girl--I'm glad she has one.

After the celebration we stuffed everyone on  a couch (sans mom and dad).

And just in case you thought we were able to stay serious...

…you were wrong!

Happy birthday ladies, we love you both!!!


  1. Happy birthday Helena and Kristen we love you all!

  2. Happy birthday to Helena and Kristen! Miss y'all :(