Sunday, September 13, 2015

What's That Rattle?

So, the question was…what it that annoying rattle?

It's amazing how a little rattle can degenerate into
a huge repair job.

That especially happens when that rattle turns out to
be broken brake parts rattling around in the rear
passenger side assembly.

James was the only one interested in helping Dad with this
project.  They've already replaced the rotor on this side and
are getting ready to replace the pad. (or some other brake part)

James was putting some kind of "stuff" on some part
that was apparently necessary.

He apparently found this rather smelly :)

Putting the tire back on was great fun to watch.  He wasn't too keen on the first method, but he really enjoyed using Jonathan's impact wrench!  (For those worriers out there--no, James was not the only one who tightened the lug nuts)

Now you know the sum total of my brake part knowledge :)
No, I have not the least desire to change that.
I'm just thankful for my guys, big and little, whose knowledge exceeds my own ;)

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