Friday, July 17, 2015

Railing Project

Recently, James got to help put a railing on the play equipment in the backyard.  Any time the cordless drill and other tools are being used, James is quite eager to be involved. 

It's always more difficult to use tools when you have to reach over your head, but James is getting the hang of it.

He got to learn how to level the bottom post, and 
learned the answer to the question: "What's the bubble for?"

Time to attach the post... 

Helena got to help too.
She found out that those screws are
 really long, and you have to push
 really hard.


Sometimes you need a little extra power
from Dad to get the job done.

…he said he wanted to carry it :)

Time to put the rails on.  James got to do a lot of holding and clamping before they were ready for the final assembly. 

Oooo…such concentration!

All done!
There's much satisfaction when you've done a job well.

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