Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mackinac Island Visit

Emily and Kristin had the opportunity to visit
Mackinac Island with a good friend. 
 Emily and our friend were playing in an evening concert, but
they had the day to explore the island.

They rode over to the island on Shepler's Ferry "Felicity".
(always a photo bomber)

Look out from Arch Rock
This was really beautiful as the fog rolled in.

At the look out from Arch Rock

Sugar Loaf--this was as far as Emily went.
No climbing gear made it a little difficult.

Sugar Loaf from afar

Hiking near one of the caves.

These are photos from British Landing.  You'll have to study up on your Mackinac Island history to understand the name and the cannon.

Brown's Brook was a nice shady spot.

Devil's Kitchen--creepy name, but interesting cave

Pontiac Lookout was a great spot for a group photo
before the concert.  They had a splendid day!

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