Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fun at the Falls

After our picnic, we headed to the upper falls area 
where James met a new friend.

This is as close as we'll probably ever come to a 
bull moose.

We started out at an observation area and then headed to the 90+ step deck to view the falls as close as you can get.

The "young" ones on the deck

The "not as young" ones on the deck

These are the lower falls in the background.
We (all but James and Bob) hiked the 4 mile
river trail there from the upper falls.  I had always wanted
to do this, and was glad for the opportunity.  I was
even more glad that Bob could meet us at the lower falls with the car!!!

The lower falls are really pretty, though not quite as impressive. 

Amazingly, these two still managed a good smile
after the hike despite having been the "leaders of the pack".

Things to remember for future hikes:
1)  Take water
2)  Take BUG SPRAY!!!

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