Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Time for Tea

As is customary when Nonnie comes to visit,
we had a tea party.  This year's sweet treats 
were high-heeled shoes!

Emily began with a delicious lemon cupcake
recipe, vanilla frosting, and sugar sprinkles.

Next, she trimmed the tops and added
frosting "glue" for the sole.

Then she used a little more frosting "glue"
for the heels.

Time to decorate...

Helena got to help with this process--she picked out jelly beans and gummy rings to match each shoe.  Emily used frosting for more decor and because you can never have too much frosting, right? 

The finished products

Meanwhile, Kristin assembled chicken quesadillas
for the main course.

It was a delicious and fun tea!

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