Friday, May 15, 2015

Bridge Problem Solving

Benjamin supplied a little more wood...

…and others brought many buckets of rock.
(Sometimes I just can't stay out there to get all the picture I want.)

After they got the platform leveled, it needed to be secured.
Enter James and Daddy...

Bob uses the approach of watch, help, do when 
teaching the younger ones to use tools.

James watches Daddy 

Daddy helps him guide the drill
James does it all by himself with Daddy close by :)

This summer's bridge is all ready to go!
Now we can get across with no problem.  Let's see how long
it takes before the beavers find it this year.

Views of our property from the bridge…

We don't have a lot of property, but I think it's just right.  It has a beauty all it's own and is of a manageable size.  It's so enjoyable to walk back to our "woods" and listen to the birds and other creature noises.  (I've seen pheasant, grouse, beaver, muskrat, cranes, and many others.)

Remnants of the old bridge

This summer we are hoping to get the last of the old logs cut up and split.  
That should be quite a job since we don't have a chain saw :}

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