Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fun with Nonnie

We have some traditional activities we do with Nonnie
when she comes to visit.  One of these is puzzles.
It frequently gets quite addictive and there are many
crowded around the table together.

We have fun "girl" time together...

…and soak up Nonnie's attention.

I'll post about tea-time tomorrow:)

At Nonnie's suggestion, Helena cut us this 
beautiful bouquet of tulips for our table.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Matthew's Graduation

Yesterday was a momentous occasion in Matthew's life.  
We celebrated his high school graduation with our family
and our church family.

Last minute preparations…what was I going to say?

A little last minute warm-up...

Refreshment preparations...

 Signing Matthew's memory book
Time to begin…

Matthew began with a trumpet solo and then...

…gave his senior project presentation.

He played a cello, bass, piano trio with Emily and Kristin...

…and surprised many with a piano duet he played with Kristin.

 The finale was an organ/brass quintet arrangement of "God of our Fathers".  It was beautiful!

We presented Matthew with his diploma and then
there was fellowship time.

Time for some guy talk...

…and time to eat!
Congratulations Matthew!
We're so proud of you!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Benjamin is 13!

Happy 13th Birthday to Benjamin!!
(a day late, but this is the best I can do lately)

Benjamin's reaction to Papa's singing...

It gets a little smoky when there are 13 candles...

Can you tell which team Benjamin likes?

We had a great time celebrating.

Bob and I are still a little taller…I had to capture this
quick before it was no longer true.
Happy Birthday Benjamin!
We love you!!!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Guys Outing with Papa

 One of the traditions when Nonnie and Papa come to visit is a guys' outing with Papa.  This generally consists of vast quantities of food being consumed at some local eating establishment.  Apparently one of the highlights of this meal was some exceptional root beer.  Yum!

The most unusual part of this outing was that they remembered to 
take a picture.  (There may have been a reminder on the way out the door.)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Brothers Being Brothers

Sometimes you see your children being so kind that it just
makes your heart smile.

We live for these moments!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Things You Do Because It's Spring

There are lots of jobs that begin in the spring...

There's lots of mowing to be done…we mow about 
three acres:)

There are flowers to be picked…
Helena has delighted us with many a beautiful bouquet:)

There are little birds to be rescued….

…and windows needing rescreening because a vole
decided to chew large holes in it over the winter:}

Monday, May 25, 2015

Jonathan with His Little Helper

In his free time, Jonathan has been a great help getting
some of the extra jobs done around the house.

We have two dead trees in our back yard, so we had
Jonathan cut all reachable branches off in preparation
for felling.  

James came along to carry the branches to the 
burn pit.

Tree number two was a little bit more difficult.  The limbs
were longer, and James had a difficult time staying on task.
Imagine that!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Graduation Preparations

Matthew's graduation preparations are in full swing.
He took his anatomy final exam on Tuesday which was
the last subject he still had to finish. 

It was a timed 3-hour test with 93 questions.  He finished
with 8 minutes to spare.  Not bad considering there were
essay questions involved.  Would anyone like to outline
the flow of blood through the body?

After finishing his bookwork, recital
 preparations started in earnest.  Matthew's trumpet selections
are challenging for accompanist and trumpeter alike.  It would
appear that one of the composers thought that breathing is optional:}

If you enlarge the pictures, you'll notice some "interesting" expressions :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Bridge Problem Solving

Benjamin supplied a little more wood...

…and others brought many buckets of rock.
(Sometimes I just can't stay out there to get all the picture I want.)

After they got the platform leveled, it needed to be secured.
Enter James and Daddy...

Bob uses the approach of watch, help, do when 
teaching the younger ones to use tools.

James watches Daddy 

Daddy helps him guide the drill
James does it all by himself with Daddy close by :)

This summer's bridge is all ready to go!
Now we can get across with no problem.  Let's see how long
it takes before the beavers find it this year.

Views of our property from the bridge…

We don't have a lot of property, but I think it's just right.  It has a beauty all it's own and is of a manageable size.  It's so enjoyable to walk back to our "woods" and listen to the birds and other creature noises.  (I've seen pheasant, grouse, beaver, muskrat, cranes, and many others.)

Remnants of the old bridge

This summer we are hoping to get the last of the old logs cut up and split.  
That should be quite a job since we don't have a chain saw :}

Thursday, May 14, 2015

A Tale of a Replacement Bridge

So…after our large bridge broke and had to be dismantled, and
the spring thaw washed the foot bridge away…we had
no way to reach our property on the other side.
Okay, there was pole vaulting or leaping, but I'm not
in the best of shape at present so that won't be happening.
What to do...

The guys scavenged some of the left-over wood and
made a frame.  Great!  Now how to get it over there?

Everybody lift!

Okay, it's up.  Now what?


Oh dear!  Tune in next time for problem solving :)