Thursday, April 9, 2015

Ladies Trip Day 2

Day 2 found us traveling through the Allegheny Mountains.

This was a pretty nice picture from inside the first tunnel.

Our first view of New York City
The best adjectives are crowded and big.

 Our hotel was in Manhatten so our first stop was Central Park.  It was nice with spring bulbs beginning to come up and bloom.

The park was within easy walking distance from the
hotel, so we got some good exercise.

The walk was certainly better than the $3 per minute
rickshaw rides or cab fare :{
After Central Park we walked over to Nonnie
and Papa's hotel to see their "million dollar"

Their hotel room was on the 51st floor.
Pros to this were the views and no street noise.
Con was definitely the ear-popping high-speed
Our hotel room was on the third floor within
extremely easy walking distance to everything
we needed.  Con was definitely the street noise!
Taxis honking at 4:30 A.M. on weekdays gave
us an early wakeup call for sure!

Our final destination for day 2 was Times Square.
This was also within walking distance of the hotel.
Do you see a theme here?

I'll leave you with a short clip of what I
can only say is the excessively over-stimulating
Times Square.

Stay tuned for day 3 :)

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