Saturday, April 25, 2015

Trying New Things

So I've been experimenting with a new program…
Using it without my glasses was probably a bad idea,
but from what I can see, it didn't turn out too badly.

Helena is just about ready for the next size flute.
It's amazing how fast everyone is growing.
Have a wonderful Saturday in your little corner of the world :)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy 18th, Matthew!

Matthew got his Hobbit cake wish...

He got to eat the door...

…and start driving!

Happy Birthday, Matthew!!!
We love you!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Request…..

…a Hobbit cake.
How to start…hmmm

A few different sized cakes
(the one on the right was baked in a glass bowl)

The tense assembly

A little trimming

A little patching

A little frosting amidst a messy kitchen
(a little reality never hurts)

 Working on embellishments--sometimes they don't work out quite the way you thought they would;)

The promise of windows to be

What?  Don't you put broccoli on your birthday cakes?

A door takes shape

A little comparison always gives inspiration

Now we're getting there
(This just shows you the many uses for fruit leather)

Almost there…


Happy early 18, Matthew!
Everyone wish Matthew a happy 18th tomorrow!!

Um, Spring?

We've had over a week of temps in the 50's with sunny skies.
Then came the rain…
Then came...


double um…

…the snow.
We know it won't last long.  This isn't real snow after all.
It's just a little dusting.  The only real snow left can be found in the huge
parking lot piles.  Those should be gone by June :)

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Signs of Spring

Flowers must be hardy in the U.P.

Snow or not, here come the daffodils.
I'll post some more pictures this week of our spring thaw
progress.  Double exciting!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Thaw in the U.P.

Yesterday morning's rain coupled with some warm temps (50's)
turned our little creek into quite the rushing stream.

It's fun to see the little whirlpools the ice makes and
to hear the sounds of ducks at the end.
Happy Spring!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Carnegie Hall Performance Pictures

They're back!  Emily was told not to expect the 
pictures for three weeks, but they arrived today :)

This picture shows much of the Weill Hall stage.
The stage is not only beautiful but the acoustics were amazing!

Kristin got to accompany her on a nine foot Steinway.
She said it was a good one--good thing too since she
didn't get to touch it until the performance…eek!

Nice close-up

After the performance, all the winners were awarded
their certificates from the competition official.
Congratulations Emily!!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

While We Were Away...

…Andrew spent some time tree-climbing.

Sometimes it's best that mom not see these things
as they happen.  I wasn't too excited about the whole
"put the antenna for the radio in the tree" idea.

As it turns out, he painted it "tree" color so you can't
even tell it's there.  Perfect!  Now he can put his
HAM radio to better use :)

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Ladies Trip Day 3/4 The Final Post

Day 3 was the big day.
First, we attended a wonderful Easter worship
service right in the heart of Manhatten.  It was
absolutely fantastic!
Then, it was on to Carnegie Hall for Emily's performance.

Unfortunately, they don't allow photography or
videotaping in the hall so we'll have to wait for the 
hall photos for a couple of weeks.
With her accompanist

Hall Schedule for April 5th

We were able to get a couple of photos outside even though the girls were absolutely freezing.  It was in the low 50s and very windy.

After the performance we went back to the hotel to change and then on to our next stop…The World Trade Center Memorial.  This was  not within walking distance, so we hailed a cab and off we went.

The Trade Center Memorial was a very sobering place.

The girls and I got to see one of the fountains on…
I guess they had turned off the other due to wind.
(Emily had "quality time" with her flute wherever we went.)

This is the church which remained standing amidst the
rubble where members ministered to the relief workers.

One World Trade Center and a cool reflection picture.

After the memorial, we walked over by the Hudson and
looked out onto the harbor.

This was as close as we got to the Statue of Liberty.
There wasn't time to catch the last ferry.

The girls were glad for their warm coats :)

After a cab ride back to the hotel, we had an early birthday celebration for Emily with Nonnie and Papa.
Day 4 
We woke with taxis honking outside the hotel at
4:30 A.M.  Since we were all awake, we decided 
to get an early start...

This was our last sight of New York.
It was a great trip and even better to get out before
rush hour started.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Emily's Birthday Pics

Due to some people's work schedules we had
to celebrate Emily's birthday a day late.

Yummy cake!

 This is what happens when some of us have coffee.  This little birthday treat causes some major craziness :)

 Fun gifts from brothers and sisters.  Emily likes to read during her free time so they got her another classic to add to her collection, and some fun music to play with Kristin.  It is a cello/piano duet :)
Emily will be doing a lot of traveling this summer,
so we got her some luggage.  She will actually be gone
most of the month of June :(

What could be in this huge box?

Aha!  Even though we'll miss you this summer,
we hope your gifts serve you well!
Happy Birthday, Emily!!!