Friday, February 6, 2015

Happy Birthday to...


Lemon Meringue pie has always been my favorite, so the girls made it for my birthday.  I was hoping this year to blow all the candles out at once.  (I'm not a wind player so this hasn't usually happened for me.)  Well, I did a really good job.
I even managed to blow pink wax all over the top of the pie :(

Emily and I had a discussion about the best way to remove the wax without ruining the top of the pie.  In the end, I just used a fork, and I think we got most of it.  Perhaps next year I won't try so hard…

I was blessed with some thoughtful gifts from Bob  and the children.  It's always funny to see who didn't know what the gift was.  They usually come right over to check it out.

James and Helena had to come check out the gift they got me.
The children always pitch in and get something together, and
there's always someone who didn't get to see before it got wrapped.

We always have a fun time around the
table at birthdays.  The extra sugar provides
a little extra goofiness, and it's just really
fun to have everyone here together.
Jonathan even had the day off!
Happy Birthday to Me! 

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