Monday, January 26, 2015

Future Carpenter?

With six boys in the house, we have to have certain
rules about breakage.  This time it involved a certain
trundle bed.  

The back rail was completely split and the mattress
was sagging even with just the weight of little James.

So, it was repair time.
Both the back rail and a couple of the drawers needed

Bob took care of the drawers.

Benjamin got to be the one to make a new rail for
the bed with Bob.
(Christopher decided to photo bomb)

Learning to cut with a hand saw and not cut
the work table or his hand

He got a little extra training in keeping 
the saw (and therefore the cut) straight.

Bob clamped a new support piece on the bed and Benjamin got to screw it on.        

I think the best part of this whole process was seeing Benjamin actually enjoy working on the project with his dad.  All the other guys either have learned or are in the process of learning carpentry from their dad, but he is the first one to actually enjoy it.

Attaching the new rail meant Benjamin had to make sure the screws went in nice and straight.  This isn't too easy when his elbow had to be almost level with the top of his head :)

Time to put the mattress slats back on

Um…I think this might be a problem

Okay, time to screw them back on

Last one and...

Job finished!
Good job Benjamin!

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