Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Trimming the Tree

No matter what I say, we always manage to get
a tree that is too big.  This year it wasn't too wide, 
but it was a bit too tall :)

After a little modification, it fit and the lights
were strung and the angel just fits on top.
Bob got to hand out ornaments this year.

 Jonathan and Matthew each got new "hat" ornaments this year.  Apparently neither one knew the proper place to put them :}

Emily and Kristin were given beautiful snowflake
ornaments this year.

A rare Andrew sighting.

We usually have everyone take turns putting on their own ornaments.
Since each child gets a new ornament every year, they will no longer
all fit on the tree.  We let them pick which ones they want to put on
until the tree is full.  (and hopefully it doesn't fall over)

Matthew has picked up a new instrument--the mini horn.

Decorating chaos


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