Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Snow Post

We had some friends visit recently and snow was
the main attraction:

Sometimes you have
organized chaos

Sometimes you just look cute

Sometimes you face the wrong way on a tube ride
and have to go inside to warm up

Sometimes you have a mechanical failure and have to do a little repair

Sometimes you just have to start a snowball fight

Sometimes you have fun chatting in the snow

Sometimes you're just plain happy!

Sometimes big brother gives little brother a ride and sometimes "big" brother gives older sister a ride  

Sometimes you make your own sledding hill

Sometimes snowmobilers race saucer riders

Sometimes a really great big brother gives a bunch of little girls rides…and sometimes you fall off--a lot

Sometimes God blesses you with more snow even
while you're still enjoying the last batch and...

Sometimes you can all get together in one place so you can remember how much fun you had together!

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