Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sometimes You Have To Be Flexible...

...even though you love plans and like things
to work out in a neat and orderly fashion :)

I'll just say that the most important things of the
day went off without a hitch.  We all made it to
church on time (sometimes no small feat) and
were able to go to Bible study and worship with
no trouble.

Next order of business:
After lunch a lovely fire in the fireplace
Make snacks and dessert
Watch family movie together

Doesn't that sound like a fun afternoon/evening?
Okay, yes, but insert husband announcing while I'm
enjoying the fire,  "Matthew, don't feed the fire anymore--
it's smoking up the basement."  (tries to smile here)

Now I will try not to dwell on the probably very expensive
repair that needs to happen to the fireplace since the cheap
one didn't work, and focus on the yummy snacks and
dessert the girls so nicely made :)

First, Emily and...

Kristin prepared a new dessert for us to try.

Then they got our traditional Sunday evening fare
of chips, dip, and veggies ready for snacking
during the movie.
(You'll notice the fan in the background for
blowing the smoke out of the basement.)

Then came "Dutch Apple Baby" for dessert!

They served this luscious dish in our finest plastic bowls ;)
Nothing but the finest.  hee-hee

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