Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy 21, Kristin!

Today is Kristin's 21st birthday!
Her first gift was a beautiful bouquet of roses
from her daddy.
Then, she was off to provide beautiful music for
a wedding at our church.

 She had chosen baked Alaska in
lieu of a cake for this birthday.  We managed to coordinate the last-minute baking of the meringue with her arrival back at home.

Bigby Coffee offers a free beverage of choice on your
birthday.  Kristin made sure to take advantage of this.
Interesting that she managed to coordinate the outfit
with the cup.  (No, this was not intentional, but it was funny.)

A pained expression when she was told she had to
blow out all the candles at once

 Cutting baked Alaska is, shall we say, challenging.  It is definitely worth the wait, however, and it was absolutely delicious!

We even managed to get it cut
before it started melting!

Gifts, flowers, coffee, and a birthday treat...what 
more could you want on your birthday.

James said it was just too good.

This requires concentration

Christopher approves...

...and happily accepted the portion Kristin 
couldn't finish.

James's reaction to Kristin's card was hilarious

A favorite gift from a friend.
Happy, happy 21 Kristin!!

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