Saturday, October 11, 2014

Good Arm, Bad Aim =

....yet another new window.
We had planned to replace this window-next year.
Notice a problem with this window?

How about now?

Benjamin got to learn how to remove a window.
He was able to learn how to use a cordless drill...

...on a ladder...

...and a reciprocating saw.
(Isn't this the most amazing picture.  It looks like a 
painting outside the window.)

Window removal complete.

Window installation begins on the interior.

Exterior installation

Installing the backer rod

This was the end of the installation Benjamin was
involved in.  Bob finished off the exterior caulking
and the interior spray-foam while Benjamin went 
off to play baseball with his brothers.

Somehow that doesn't seem quite fair.
Hopefully this really is the last window replacement 
for the year.

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