Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Yesterday a Painter, Today a Mason

Just to make sure Jonathan isn't getting too bored with
painting, I changed things up a little today and had him
do some sidewalk patching.

Actually, this was the last day in the foreseeable future
that it would be neither raining nor cold.

The challenge for this particular project was that
the patching compound sets up fairly quickly so 
you have to mix up small batches frequently.
Very frequently--not fun.

Doesn't everyone vacuum their sidewalk?

The photo bomber appears.

This is the worst area by far.  I'm not sure where the
sidewalk went over the winter, but when the snow
melted,  it was gone.

One last place to patch.
Okay so it's huge and just a big nightmare, but
it's the last one :)

Okay, that looks good just like that.

In true Beckman style, the project must be finished 
with work lights in the dark.
What to do tomorrow?
Paint :)

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