Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer's Last Hurrah!

Our last fun trip for the summer got us up at 4:30 A.M.
on Labor Day and traveling downstate.  No problem
except that it was also the day of the annual Mackinac
Bridge Walk.

There is never a line like this at the bridge toll plaza...

...or a full parking lot at the state police post.

Three cars behind us you'll notice a line of National
Guardsmen in orange vests.  Right after that car, they
stopped traffic and the "walk" began.
(The governor usually starts so I'm assuming this is the 
reason for stopping traffic?)

The Bridge Authority parking lot was also packed...

...and the rest area as well. 

Okay, this is a terrible picture, but it was the only one 
we got of the start.

The crossing was beautiful as usual with a splendid

After crossing, we saw the "finish line" complete
with bridge authority workers to award certificates
to all walkers.  It doesn't sound like too big a deal
until you realize the bridge is five miles long with 
the first 2 1/2 being uphill.  Also, depending on 
where you walk, you are walking on steel grates
that allow you to see the water below--creepy!

We completed the crossing at 12 mph so it took a 
little longer than expected, but it was then smooth
sailing the rest of the way.  

Smooth sailing toward a fun softball game.

James wasn't too excited about the game and found
a toad.

He's thrilled!

Kristin convinced him it was time to get started
with the game so he took the toad with him.

Apparently, the toad was still the
main attraction for him so......

...he left.

Everyone else got ready to "play ball".

That's quite a line up!

"Toady" is now on the shoe...

...and Helena is at bat.

Interesting reaching hit but...

...she made it to first base.

Interesting little dancing run, Helena.

Kristin even agreed to bat.  Amazing!

Christopher waits for the pitch and....

...hits a pop fly right to Matthew at first base--
not a good plan :(

Unfortunately, Emily did the same thing :(

It was a fun game with great fellowship as well.
Best of all, no one got hurt!

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