Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spark Plugs Installed

Yesterday was the day for spark plugs.
First, Bob and Jonathan discovered you can't
assume an auto parts store will have enough
of any kind of spark plug, let alone the kind you want.

Thankfully we have many choices in town, so after
three tries, they found the desired parts and brought 
them home.

Jonathan got to use one of his never-used sockets.
(I told him to try not to scratch it--he did anyway.)

Apparently this takes a little more muscle than I realized.
I mistakenly thought you could just pull them off
like on our lawn mower.  

He had six to change and I think he is doing number 
five here.  When he was all done it still wouldn't start,
but the next maintenance item was complete and now
he can prepare for the next step which will likely be
the timing belt.  I have no idea what this exactly is, 
but apparently it is quite necessary and will be an all
day job.  Ugh!

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