Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our 5 Senses and Things We Don't Want

Five Things We Don't Want From Our Senses

1.  We don't want to see the neighbor's manure spreader
making its way into the adjacent field.

2.  We really don't want to smell what it will leave behind.

3.  We don't want to hear strange noises coming from
our washing machine.  We also don't want to hear
the beeps coming from the washing machine telling
us it is broken.

4.  We don't want to feel cold water coming from the 
hot water faucet.

5.  We really don't want to taste cold, dry cereal for

For those who might be tempted to think all is always 
wonderful for us:

 the neighboring farmer is, as we speak,
spreading manure which will almost definitely cause anyone
retrieving our mail today to decline dinner;

our washing machine and hot water heater both broke
over the weekend leading to rather costly repairs;

and we had a rather lengthy power outage last week
that resulted in dry, cold cereal for dinner since the whole
city was without power and that was all we had--yummy!  :)

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