Monday, September 15, 2014

Meanwhile Back in the Kitchen....

Just in case you thought the painting was all done...

Jonathan has been doing some painting prep limbo.

Priming over some more, you guessed it, green.

Painting a nice soft white on the soffit...

...and a nice cream on the walls.
(This was the only time he got to paint in comfort.)

Most of the time he was up on a ladder or... the shadows.

For a little excitement today, I gave him a little light reading.
Yes, he did read the directions...

...and installed a new vent hood.
We won't talk about what he found when he 
took the old one down.  Ugh!

He discovered it's good to have brothers near by.

It will be so nice to have a working vent.  Wow!
I'm so thankful to have this done!

Beautiful job, Jonathan!

Thank you!

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