Monday, September 8, 2014

Final Music Room Pictures

The music room has had quite a facelift this summer.
It started with replacing the window with one which 
actually opens.  (This is very exciting!)
Then, Jonathan painted the room--no more green!
Now, the final thing is installing the window trim.

He may not look as though he's going to be able to
do this, but since I'm posting, I guess you can be
assured that he can.

Installing the sill

This is a good time to have others around to help :)

Bob and I have a similar problem.
We can't see with our glasses and sometimes we
can't see without either.
Here he's trying to mark the corner so Matthew
can trim the top piece.

Now the corner fits so he can nail it in.

Last nail


The sun made the one wall look almost lemon yellow
which I assure you it is not.  The correct color is
down near the floor.

You'll notice the windows are open.
This room has been quite miserable to practice in
for a long time so the breeze is quite welcome.

This is the front door Bob finished last year.
I wish I could say all our projects are done for the
year, but at least this one is :)


  1. The music room looks fantastic! I love how you used the instruments as part of the decor. Now it will be extra fun to practice (and not so hot!). May much music come forth for the glory of God! Lorie Mieczkowski

  2. So nice! One room down, 5 to go? Haha.