Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall at "The Falls"

This was predicted to be our last warm day at least
for a while, so we went to "The Falls" with a picnic
this afternoon.

We found a different look-out to try today.

This one had 116 steps...

...instead of 94.
(enter our photo bomber)


No, we didn't hike this trail.
We'll have to do that on a day we have more time--and energy :)

Hiking back to the parking lot

Beautiful colors!

You can't go wrong with a ride from a brother.

On the way home, I heard this from the seat behind me:
James:  "Kristin, what is the "belt of truth"?"
Helena:  (very nice of her to answer for Kristin)
"If you lie, your pants fall down."

Bob and I were able to enjoy the colors at home too.

Back in our "woods"
 I took some pictures of the little
birdhouses the younger ones made
a couple of years ago.

The only one which seems to have disappeared was the one James painted all black.  Somehow, we don't seem to be missing it.

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