Friday, August 8, 2014

Today's Fun

Today for "fun", I had Jonathan get started on the final
wall in the family room.  In order to get the paint to 
stick, first he got to sand the whole wall.

Then, after washing off all the dust, it was time to prime.
Can't you just see the look of glee!  Bye, Bye brown

Helena got to mark her pattern pieces.
Look at her gleeful expression--this actually
did require some concentration so I guess
that is a good excuse.  Nobody likes a sharp
needle in the finger :(

Remember yesterday I showed you the theoretical
dust-free tent?  Well, it worked so well in my room
today that Matthew left me this.

Matthew had great "fun" caulking the final 
bedroom window. 
Tomorrow he will install the monster window.
This will definitely not be a solo job!

We did have a little actual fun today.
This is the newest trio in our family and
the photo shoot was made more
interesting by our own photo bomber--

I guess you're probably not surprised.
Tune in tomorrow for a monster story.

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