Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's Monster Time

First of is the monster.

The monster weighed in at about 300 lbs.
This dainty window is destined for our
rather large music room window opening.

About that opening...

Can you say "What a mess!"

It's pretty easy to look past the mess when all is
going well, but what if it's not...

...what if it doesn't fit!
NOT a fun realization
so... assess the situation and figure out where
it is not fitting properly.

In our case we had some drywall at the top that
was bowing, causing an obstruction--nothing
a utility knife can't take care of :)

Ah, success!
It's in and secured.

What a relief!

Installation is done!
Next step is interior trim and a very small amount
of exterior trim.

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