Thursday, August 14, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday, Andrew!

For Andrew's 15th, his big sisters made him an 
apple gingerbread upside-down cake.
They decided to make it right sight up for ease of cutting.

This didn't quite work out how they had hoped, however.
The apple caused the cake to crumble so we each
had a pile of cake instead of a piece.
It still tasted good, though:)

Being a tuba player, Andrew had no problem at all
with blowing out the candles.
He also managed to blow wax all over the table.

It took him a bit, but his older brothers encouraged
Andrew to begin acting his new age.

 "Box-Man" arrived during Andrew's reading
 of a glowing greeting card message extolling
 his many wonderful qualities.

The Carhart sweatshirt was
probably the favorite gift.
At least he was warm.
After all, the high temperature
today was only the low 60's.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!!!!!

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