Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Final Straits Band Concert of 2014

We had a really fun family night down in Mackinaw City
tonight.  It was the last concert of the season which in some
ways is kind of a relief, and in other ways is kind of sad.

This was some pretty serious business.

We decided to celebrate with fudge which we seldom
do--but if you're in Mackinaw City...
well, you know--and if you don't know, 
you should probably find out.

Rehearsal pics are always great.
Paying attention Benjamin?

Not sure what Matthew was up to here.

Time for the concert and the problem is always
that we can only really get good pictures of 
Benjamin.  Tonight Matthew's solo gave us the
opportunity to get a couple good ones of him.

I managed to record most of the concert, but
for the record, we do not have a good video
camera and it was outside so please be kind :)

This video of Bugler's Holiday could also check
off one of the things on Matthew's music bucket
list--he's always wanted to play this, and he got
to play with two really fun gentlemen.

Bob managed a couple pictures of the others :

Emily is buried in there.

Jonathan is in here and so is Andrew's tuba bell
at the right edge of the American flag.

Obviously this was the last piece they played.
It's always so fun at the end when they stand up.
That's when we can actually see Christopher and Andrew
who are always hidden!

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