Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Little of Our Day

Breakfast time this morning brought another bird casualty.

Christopher rescued the young robin.
It was still dazed, so he held it till it
could stand on its own.

Lest anyone think I don't know how to show the 
children any fun, today I taught Andrew how
to clean the oven.

Not that it needed it or anything :)

Helena continued with her next sewing lesson.
First she found the pattern pieces she will need.

Then, she began the job of pinning them onto the
fabric.  This was made interesting by
a nice breeze coming in the window.

The larger pieces are interesting.

Last piece!

Though she was ready for more, that was all I had
time for today.  Our "sewing table" also happens
to be our dining table and it was time for lunch so...
tomorrow we will begin cutting!

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