Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Library, a Window, and a Nightgown

Since I was blessed with Jonathan's presence today,
I put him to work on our soon to be library.

The hardest part was moving the phone line and
cable line.  That part was not fun at all--okay none
of it was really fun, but the end result was great!

I think Matthew approves, though he didn't enjoy helping
with the furniture moving:)

While Jonathan worked on the library, Helena and I
worked on her sewing project.

Today's portion of the project was to cut out all
the pattern pieces.

Helena decided the big sewing scissors are
rather hard to use.  This is definitely true when you
have medium hands and large scissor handles.

Those curves are tricky to go around.

One last snip and done!
Tomorrow we'll be marking the pattern pieces.
Definitely not my favorite job, but I'm always
sorry if I don't do it.

While Jonathan and Helena worked on their projects, 
Matthew was hard at work installing window #4!

He constructed a nice tent around the window area.
This theoretically keeps dust and bugs out.
Nice theory

Today Matthew got a little helper.
James decided to tag along after the old window
was out and the new was ready to go in.

Here James is "helping" with the
waterproof barrier.

Um, well...

...maybe it wasn't too helpful.

An outdoor view sans window

The senior project is to be done solo within reason.
Sometimes you just need a brother.

It was also a blessing for Matthew today that
Jonathan was able to lend some muscles.

In it goes!

Now it's time for shims.

These windows come with the most ingenious
shims.  You can use as many or few as you need.
They stack very neatly.

Great, only half a bubble off!
(Just a little joke...)

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