Sunday, July 6, 2014

While I Was Away....

... Jonathan worked on the roofing portion of
the garage project he is working on

with a little help from Matthew.

Apparently this was way too fun and relaxing.

Matthew did a little electrical work

to finish the bath fan installation in the master bath.

The final touch--the lighted cover is installed.
This was a wonderful surprise to come home to!

Next on the list for Matthew's senior project was
the rusting side garage door.

Door removal

Readying the opening for the new door

Making a few adjustments to the opening

Okay, so the adjustments needed were a little 
more major

Caulking the bottom edge before putting the door
in place

Putting the door in place

Attaching it to the frame

Knob assembly

A little concrete patching

New door in place with no rust :)

A little sweeping, touch-up painting,
and the door will be complete!

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