Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th!

I've been a little bit overwhelmed since returning
from our last trip so posting has not been a 
priority.  I have a little more time for the next 
few minutes, so I'll do a little bit longer post.
We spent our Independence Day in Mackinaw City.

Emily did a patriotic hairstyle in Helena's
hair before we left.

Then it was off to Mackinaw City.
The guys went to do their thing...

...and the ladies went to do theirs.

Jonathan got to experience the live statue. 
This guy was really great!  The girls and I got
a huge laugh out of watching passersby get startled
by him, it, whatever.
(click on each picture to see them bigger)

Most of the crew with the bridge in the background.
We've lived here for almost five years and I never 
get tired of this sight.

Kristin and Emily are texting Nonnie on the beach.
It was way too cool to even consider actually getting
in.  Brrrr!!

A non-texting photo

The ice-breaker Mackinac is moored in Mackinaw City.
Wonder why we'd need one of those around here....

The evening was the time for the Straits Area 
Concert Band performance.
You can just see Benjamin tucked in the trombone
section during their warm-up.

Getting the music in order...hopefully

Andrew's tuba bell is just visible at the far right
edge of the U.S. flag.
More tuba!

Emily in the flute section.

Matthew appears to be playing the bassoon,
but he is actually back in the trumpet section.

Jonathan got voluntold to help out with donation
gathering during the "intermission".
It was a nice large crowd.
Finally, fireworks!  This is our first attempt at night pictures with
the new camera.

The fireworks were beautiful!  
We just won't talk about the crowds trying to leave
the city afterwards.  Oh my!

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  1. I *love* Helena's hairstyle! Great job, Emily!

    I have a feeling Matthew could figure out that bassoon playing in a jiffy!

    Nice fireworks pictures! Melody and I were able to attend the fireworks in Naperville, IL with some friends because we are finishing our time at the Chicago Suzuki Institute :) And yes, the worst part is trying to get out of the city!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys!