Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before We Head Out Again...

...I thought I'd better catch up a little. 
While the girls and I were gone, there were so many
things we missed.  Thankfully, Bob was able to take
a lot of pictures.  First and foremost, we had to 
celebrate James's birthday before we left since we
would miss it.

This was his 7th birthday--hard to believe!

He got a "pool" with his birthday money, and a 
Roman ship from Nonnie and Papa.  This provided
hours of entertainment while we were gone :)

On his actual birthday, Christopher and Benjamin 
presented him with some duct-tape weapons they
had made for him.  James is in there somewhere.

Remember the infamous Mahogany chair?
Here it is again, and progress is being made!

Even more progress!

Jonathan found some unpleasant "finds" while 
working on his garage project.
This time, carpenter ants were feasting on some of
the door framing...

...and the rear wall was completely rotten.
This was impossible to see until he pulled away the
raspberry plants that were in front of it :(

So...he had to do a lot of new framing around the door...

...with an audience :)

Also, while we were gone, we missed some 
beautiful sunsets.

Just another reminder of how God shows his
majesty in the U.P.!

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