Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hayfield Baseball Anyone?

Who needs a catcher when you have one of these
at your back?

What pitching form!

What strange pitching form!

Back at Home...

We returned home to find great fun in the nearby field :)

Bob and Benjamin replaced the mailbox...

...and there was quite a bit of mowing to be done.

Andrew and Christopher began a new project for me.
I'm always in need of more book shelves :)

They're thrilled!

Anyone Want to Buy a Travel Trailer?

The last detail after our string camp trip was
getting our travel trailer ready to sell.
To say that it is too small for our rather tall
sons is quite an understatement so...

I spent two days making sure it is spotless inside and...

...we will be happy to see it go to a family with smaller

The Final String Camp Concert

The first part of the concert featured chamber music
and included a bass duet and...

...many string quartets.
This was Kristin's.

Helena was having a good evening.

She had a very talented 6 year old stand partner.

Typical Benjamin :)

This was the Beta group before the conductor entered.
I would call this "controlled chaos".

This was the combined group featuring approximately
80 musicians.
(As usual, I had the wrong lens on the camera so
both sides are cut off :(
Sorry basses and percussion.

It was quite an experience, and we are already having
requests for a repeat visit next year.
We'll just have to see.....

What else was going on?

When he wasn't doing parking practice...

Jonathan got to learn how to split wood in a whole 
new way--with a log splitter!

Friday, July 25, 2014

...Meanwhile, a little parking instruction

Jonathan has been very patient waiting for some final
driving instruction.  The combination of his schedule,
Bob's schedule, and sometimes lack of satisfactory
vehicle has caused him to need to wait for some
parking lessons.

Our friends were able to borrow some cones during 
string camp week so that "Instructor Bob" could
get the job done.

Final assessment:
Parking lessons completed
Vehicle unavailable for road test

...Then it was off to String Camp

Monday morning brought a flurry of activity as we packed
up our van with instruments and people and headed out to string camp.

Will that door still close?

All but one of these people squeezed in our van with:
2 basses
3 cellos
2 violas
& 6 violins.

(Please notice the matching frisbee :)

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Some of the Past Two Weeks...

The past two weeks have been rather "full".
Most of us returned home on Monday and it has
been non-stop ever since.

The night before we left, Jonathan finished his
garage/storage shed project.

He got to show off the finished project to Bob
before he cleaned up the tools and work area.

Then, we traveled downstate to visit some friends.
This was the beginning of a great game of ultimate

Everyone pick a color!

Then came some quad trailer rides.

Happy with the driver, James was just tickled to get
a ride too!

Our host had a surprise birthday party 
with a "few" guests.

Amazingly, his favorite dessert, (cheesecake), appeared.

I'll continue this tomorrow.  There are plenty
more happenings to report :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

25 Years

We get some of the most beautiful views out our
patio door!

This was a nice view too!
For our 25th anniversary on Tuesday, Bob had
these beautiful flowers delivered and Emily made
us an amazing lemon meringue pie.

Wow! 25 years!  It doesn't seem possible!

We spent our evening freezing on the lawn at
the Straits Area Concert Band performance.

Great music...

...miserable weather.  

Oh well,  every day can't be mid 70's
and sunny with a light breeze :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Before We Head Out Again...

...I thought I'd better catch up a little. 
While the girls and I were gone, there were so many
things we missed.  Thankfully, Bob was able to take
a lot of pictures.  First and foremost, we had to 
celebrate James's birthday before we left since we
would miss it.

This was his 7th birthday--hard to believe!

He got a "pool" with his birthday money, and a 
Roman ship from Nonnie and Papa.  This provided
hours of entertainment while we were gone :)

On his actual birthday, Christopher and Benjamin 
presented him with some duct-tape weapons they
had made for him.  James is in there somewhere.

Remember the infamous Mahogany chair?
Here it is again, and progress is being made!

Even more progress!

Jonathan found some unpleasant "finds" while 
working on his garage project.
This time, carpenter ants were feasting on some of
the door framing...

...and the rear wall was completely rotten.
This was impossible to see until he pulled away the
raspberry plants that were in front of it :(

So...he had to do a lot of new framing around the door...

...with an audience :)

Also, while we were gone, we missed some 
beautiful sunsets.

Just another reminder of how God shows his
majesty in the U.P.!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

While I Was Away....

... Jonathan worked on the roofing portion of
the garage project he is working on

with a little help from Matthew.

Apparently this was way too fun and relaxing.

Matthew did a little electrical work

to finish the bath fan installation in the master bath.

The final touch--the lighted cover is installed.
This was a wonderful surprise to come home to!

Next on the list for Matthew's senior project was
the rusting side garage door.

Door removal

Readying the opening for the new door

Making a few adjustments to the opening

Okay, so the adjustments needed were a little 
more major

Caulking the bottom edge before putting the door
in place

Putting the door in place

Attaching it to the frame

Knob assembly

A little concrete patching

New door in place with no rust :)

A little sweeping, touch-up painting,
and the door will be complete!