Saturday, June 21, 2014

Traveling with the "Big Girls"

So....the girls and I have been traveling again.

Ohio was interesting as we passed through--an extra
1 1/2-2 hour detour, while interesting, wasn't exactly
a welcome diversion.

We were still in West Virginia at 8:00 P.M. when we
were expected at our friends' house.

One of the under mountain tunnels we passed through
after dark--scary!
In the end, we arrived and got to watch our friend
fulfill an order from her business Fastenation Studio.

Here she is working with the tiny pieces of a caterpillar.

It takes some special tools to pick up the clay
without ruining the shape she has just made.

Leaf buttons done...three caterpillars to go :)

After a nice visit, we were off early in the morning
to Tennessee.

While Emily was getting some additional flute
teacher training, Kristin and I headed to 

We enjoyed Fort Watauga...

...and the Sycamore Shoals

...on the Watauga River.

It was a one mile trail walk.  Though thunderstorms 
had been predicted, we were blessed with
temperatures in the 80's and sun:)

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